We’re currently writing our history in Saint-Tropez!


For the first time, the contest changed of location and moved to Saint-Tropez (FR). It added for us the difficulty of the logistic and the transportation! The participation was pretty much the same with 23 universities from 13 countries.

With a lack of knowledge and expertise on the Bifoiler, the team didn’t manage to use it at its full potential. In order to not repeat the errors of the previous year, we spent more time on the SWASH, which happens to be a pretty good idea! Also thanks to the skills of the pilot, we manage to win in this category, two years after our previous victory!

Results: 1st place Mass Transport


The third edition was a big one with 24 universities represented from 13 countries. The action took place once again in Lausanne near our campus.

This campaign was marked by the building of a new prototype for the Lightweight category! We kept the same idea of a Bifoiler but put more energy, money and advices to build a boat at the cutting edge of the technology. The hardest part, once it has been built, has been to find the good tuning guide for the electronics. After a hard week of work during the contest and a lot of disappointments, the team gave everything they had in the last race: the Long Distance Race. Quite unexpectedly, we finished 2nd with our boat flying during more than 1 hour!

Concerning the Heavyweight boat, we decided to keep our SWASH as its superiority the year before was unquestionable. Overconfidence on this boat has lead to waterproof problems and so the end of the competition.

Results: 2nd Long Distance Race – “Lightweight Transport Innovation” Prize – “Eco-conception” Prize



For the second edition, the EPFL Team has chosen to improve their previous prototypes, rather than building new ones. All the energy was put to increase the stability of the Lightweight boat, but also increase the performance of the SWASH, our Heavyweight boat.

Also in Lausanne, this 2nd edition has gathered 16 teams from England, Switzerland, France, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil and Colombia. The week was tough and full of emotion. Our Heavyweight boat clearly outclassed the other boats and the EPFL Team won the 1st place in this category.

Results: 1st place Mass Transport


Everything has started in 2014, when the Hydros Foundation has created the Hydrocontest. For its first edition, 13 teams from France, Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil, Netherland and Australia were participating in Lausanne.

The challenge was huge for this first participation, as the team has decided to build 2 boats – 1 per category – within less than a year. The prototypes were already really innovative with a Bifoiler for the Lightweight category and a SWASH for the Heavyweight category.

The Bifoiler had some stability issues and was hard to make it fly. However, the SWASH was a real success and the EPFL Team was the fastest in this category, climbing into the final. The EPFL Team was having more than one-lap lead when they get stuck in one of the buoy, just before the finish line. They could only watch their opponents finishing their race and crossing the finish line. Anyway, the Team was knowing that their prototype was the fastest!

Results: 2nd Place Mass Transport